Dental Implant Reviews

June P.

I’ve had my dental implant for 6 years or more and would definitely consider having you do another for me, if needed. The procedure went very well, with little discomfort afterward.

I treat my implant the same as all my own teeth. I decided to have the dental implant in order to keep my own teeth from moving, after losing several teeth from a bad crown/bridge procedure I received from another dentist some years earlier. So, although the implant was expensive, I feel it was worth it to keep my own teeth in-line.

I have recommended the procedure to several people at my office.

Karen W.

My implant procedure was done almost 8 years ago and I have to say it was one of the easiest dental procedures I ever had. Unfortunately, I do not have good teeth. I’ve had many routines and surgical procedures that were quite stressful and painful. However, I have to say that my implant was absolutely painless, much to my surprise. Of course, I was apprehensive about it but it really was nothing like I had experienced with other procedures.

I had general anesthesia although I was also given the choice of being awake. But I was a chicken and decided to sleep it out. I don’t remember exactly how long it took but I do remember having no problems whatsoever afterward. From past experiences with other dental surgeries I came prepared with an ice pack for the car ride home, but I really didn’t need it. I had no swelling. The doctor gave me a small packet of pain pills (Vicodin) but I never used them. I got no other prescriptions.

The rest of the procedure – building the crown, etc. was equally easy. Since then, I have had no problems with the implant and in actuality, I forget I even have it. I treat (use) the tooth like any other – it is probably the strongest in my mouth now! I would urge anyone thinking about the procedure to not give it a second thought. If I had to come up with a drawback, it would be that my dental insurance did not cover the cost. But just the same, it was well worth the expense in the long run. I would hope that now they are covered more by dental insurances, but if not, I still would pay to have it done.

Please let me know if you’d like more information from me and also feel free to use me as a reference if anyone would like to talk to me personally about this.

Suzann B.

Your staff asked me to drop you all a line about how I was progressing with my new implant. As you know, I thought the procedure went very well. I had no ill effects from the work performed. Well, the implant has been for about 3 months now, and quite honestly it has worked out so well that I must think about where in fact it was placed in my teeth. It has been great!

If presented with another situation that called for an implant, I would do it in a second. Please tell your patients about my success.!

Thanks for asking about how I am progressing!

It was well worth getting the implants to help in chewing and maintaining the alignment of my other teeth. They are completely secure in my gums and have never caused a problem in seven years. I recommend getting implants with complete confidence and would do so again if needed.

Marge A.

I have had my dental implants for 3 years and have never had a problem with them. The implants allowed me to have a permanent denture instead of a removable one. They look and feel exactly like my own teeth.!

The entire procedure from pre-operative through post-operative was painless.!

I am so glad I chose to have implants. I recommended them to a friend – we both agree that it was definitely worth it.!

Frank B.

The anchorage is positive with no float or drift. It’s great to be able to eat a normal meal again.

Virginia B.

Dr. Terry and the whole staff are always welcoming and put this scardy cat at ease. I have been a patient for over three years and feel so comfortable in their capable hands. They also make every effort to accommodate my schedule. I recommend Dr. Terry every chance I get. He is truly a caring practitioner!

Dennis D.

Everyone was very accommodating and caring. I was impressed with the level of technology I was introduced to during my appointment.

Monica H.

Dr. Terry and staff are the best lot ever! Have done many procedures, some needed and some cosmetic over the (15?) years. They even alerted me of my blood pressure rise for which I was promptly put on medication. Where can you get that in a dentist office? I adore them all. So much like family. Never am I afraid to go. In fact, I look forward to catching up with everyone and feeling comfortable in the office. They have been nothing but kind and caring to all of us in the family that see him. We love you Dr. Terry and staff! You are all very kind and sensitive to our needs. For that, I plan on staying as long as they will see me. Special kudos to Judy and Martha for your kind reminders and scheduling around my work schedule. Love you all!

Margaret R.

My visits have always been on time, the service very courteous and friendly, and the results top-notch!

Michael M.

Always treats us with kindness and great service. Feel like part of their family!